Friday, May 19, 2017

the anger on the rise

The anger on the rise
The perception of the fear
Afraid to lose the supremacy
Afraid to wake up of the truth

There is no such way
Of a superior race
All are made equal
In the eyes of our God

It is only the bad
They will invent and pursue
Telling the audience of a race
We are the best!”

Once fools are in the bag
The escape will be hard
The spoon feed into addiction
They get angry when pointed the wrong

So they will see
Every shadow to steal their meals
They will shout and bully
They bring shame to themselves

Don't fall for the bad
Don't get hooked to the wrong
There is the ladder to the fire
It isn't honey or gold or paradise

Don't get angry
When the trick closes the eyes
The mind doesn't see
Don't strike in the blind

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