Thursday, May 11, 2017

the devil stands on the road

The Devil stands on the road
Eyes of red fingers of claws
With his long hair flowing with the wind
He isn't afraid of the traffic flow

The first wave drives in
They see him standing tall
They break the cars quickly
The bumper to bumper crash

The second wave in the air
The helicopters see him there
The pilots try to avoid the head on crash
Instead the helicopters crash to the ground

The third wave of motorcyclists
They do the stunts in many forms
When they see the form of the Devil
They tumble down crashing bodies and steel

The fourth wave of politicians
They are the greedy and corrupted ones
They are so easily embrace the bad
They fall head and body to the lake of fire

The Devil laughs
Who dare to challenge me?”
The ground turns up of many pot holes
Fill it up you lazy clowns!”

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