Friday, May 26, 2017

we should stay awake

Now we should stay awake
We shouldn't forget
The tragedy once we had
We will face another
If we don't take a firm stand
The religious extremists will do
Harping on a race and its religion
Trying to crawl into its realm
Though certain amendments passed
They still aren't satisfied
They want it all at any costs
These group of people
They don't believe in the Secular Nation
They want a religion to rule supreme
All others must adhere to its rule
Again it is boiled down to the weak leaders
They only think of power
They only think of their pockets
They only think what they can benefit
Leaving a vacuum for the a religious extremists
They will exploit it to their interests
So we must stay awake
We shouldn't allow a bad group to take
Our freedom and interests away
In the name of its race and religion
No Sir, our Secular Nation must stay

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