Wednesday, May 17, 2017

a new horse will gallop to the field

The green moon is dreaming
High up in the sky touching no reality
The brand its leaders trying to promote
It never touches the ground

The green moon has given its chances
Running a state with so much ills
Economically it is in a poor state
Even in floods God sent His message

But the green moon leaders
They didn't see it in their plan
They still try to make it worst
Even chances were given to them

Now the green moon thinks big
Even the small it can't hang on
The blunders its leaders make
There is no satisfaction on the ground

The red and white leaders will laugh
They will make the green moon look like fool
Doing the hard work thinking it can jam in
The beats will come out differently

The cycle is complete
A new horse will gallop to the field
No matter what it is said and done
A new chapter will begin

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