Thursday, May 18, 2017

what crisis in selangor?

What crisis in Selangor?
Pas can leave the state administration
Pakatan Harapan will not collapse
Though it has a slim majority of 2 seats

The Bee Anne mouth organs will play the games
The newspapers are good at the rounding tales
Why don't the editors print about Perak?
The silver state has a slim majority too

The Pas state assembly persons
If they have the maturity and vision
They should join up with Amanah
Pas is going down the slippery rope

Alternatively Pakatan Harapan can dissolve the assembly
Calling for the snap election is a way to get a new mandate
Do not wait for too long to do it
For the cash of millions will be dangling carrots

Don't let deja vue hit it again
It happened in Perak in 2009
Through back door
and they said millions changed hands

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