Saturday, May 13, 2017

the stray cat and kittens

The stray cat walks to the house
The old woman sees it and gives chase
She shout angrily to the stray cat
Bringing her kittens to her house

The stray cat runs carrying her kittens
Running to a nearby house staying quiet
The heavy puffing of carrying the kittens
There is no place to rest and feed

The old woman shouts at her husband
Stand at the gate and make sure the cat stays out”
The old man seems to grumble but he stands there
Her neighbours come out to look what is the commotion

The stray cat uses to walk into her house
As her mental illness son will feed the cat
So the cat believes she is welcome there
So naturally she will bring her kittens

By late evening the stray cat still hiding
The hot sun and heat make them sleep
It is the natural habit for cats to snooze
Wait until the sunset.....

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