Monday, May 08, 2017

band together for change

They say we can't slay a giant
He stands so tall with muscles and strength
With a roar he will send shiver down our spines
We will be clobbered into thousand pieces of meat

The might of a giant
On the face value it is true
How to slain a giant?
When we are so small?

In scriptures we learn the story
How David kill a Giant....
The rest is history
The changes came quickly

Now we have a common giant
We shouldn't run in circles
We should band together
In unity we will slain the Bad

Though the agencies fail to do
Its leaders turn wimp with it
We shouldn't stand afraid
We can make history

It is in our votes
The country needs us to make amends
The decades of a single entry for a race
Now we have to slain the Giant

Nothing is impossible
In the world of possibilities
Clear the road of injustice
We will see our values high

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