Sunday, May 07, 2017

the weak leaders

The weak leaders
Causing so much problems in the nation
Many NGOs pushing into the limits
The weak leaders never say a word

They stay in the elegant silence
They pretend they don't hear the noise
They let the cracks on the harmony
They want to sit on the chairs forever

The constant harping on race and religion
It isn't the only race in the nation
We are a multi-religious and multi-racial country
We live to share our respective faith and customs

This is the unique feature of our nation
It isn't about a race and a religion
It is about the sum of all of us
Pulling together for the success on our land

But the weak leaders only think for themselves
They don't see the wrong running along the road
Don't they realize it by now?
Maybe they are too engrossed in their power games

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