Monday, May 22, 2017

the old and infirm

The old and infirm
Most are left to stay alone
In the homes of welfare
Counting the days to go

Who is to blame?
When old age comes calling
When a major disease knocks the door
Who will be listening?

The children will ignore
The relatives will hide
They all pretend
Nothing is wrong

Now it is left to good outsiders
They have the belief to lend a hand
Providing a shelter and meal
Let the old know there is a place

There are many cases of abandoned parents
The children forget to take care of them
They will say of lack of time and money
They leave the parents to seek a home

Many die of broken heart
They can't believe the children do this way
How they have sacrifice for their children
And yet in the end they are abandoned

Who is to blame?
Maybe planning and discipline
Maybe it is God's way of punishment
The sins we carry in our lives

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