Thursday, May 25, 2017

the bad angels

The bad angels
They have become
The evil bleeding on Earth
They use humans
To sacrifice for their evil plan
Destroy all the good and innocence
Let Earth be populated by the demons
If only the humans understand
Why they are born in the first place?
It isn't to destroy God's creations
It isn't to turn evil to do bad things
It isn't to turn around and kill or maim
It is to do good to return to Eden
A place once promised to our forefathers
Until sins forced them to lose it all
Eden and the immortality
Now hell on Earth!
We haven't learned
First we had the Crusaders
On the wrong journey of salvation
So many died and blood buried in the ground
Then we had the World Wars
The deaths, maimed, suffering and crying
Now we have Islamic militants
They don't learn from history
They will repeat all the mistakes again
Hell on Earth, the deaths, pain, misery and crying
There will be no paradise or virgin brides
It is in the lake of fire!
Think about it change ways
Before it is all too late
For some they will cry
Soaking in the fire of hell
Don't test God
We will lose everything!

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