Thursday, May 25, 2017

the bad will burn

The lone wolves
They will strike
When the time is right
When the police aren't alert

With the false pretense of security
The lone wolves will make it
They will look for crowded public places
They will want to make an impact

It is best to go back to basic
The religious schools challenging young minds
The religious teachers who will guide the young
It is here where the seeds will be implanted

It takes years to nurture
Until the police find a source
This can be as good as any
The young minds can be easily manipulated

The wayward believers
They think they go to paradise
Sacrificing their lives for a cause
It never brings a gain to anyone

They will get roasted in the lake of fire
Every circle they will scream of their sin
The fire will burn them alive many times
As the circle will keep turning around!

The lone wolves
Don't be so foolish
Sacrificing yourself
There is no heaven

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