Sunday, May 21, 2017

you still have to create your wealth

Education can make you read and write
Maybe help you to reason and respond
On a text book way of getting it through
Education doesn't give you the experience

Even in the battleground of war or fight
It is the exposure to the art or war
It helps you to prepare to face it
It is about life and death episode

Education doesn't give your the practices
You have to find it out the hard way
Even in martial art the exponents need to fight
On a friendly terms to enrich their combat skills

Education doesn't give you the passport to riches
You need to learn all over of how to create wealth
Finding wealth isn't through education of degrees
It is through opportunities and willing to fail

Education makes the hardship shorter
It is still hard work to make the spot
Don't ever forget it is back to ground level
You still have to create your wealth

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