Wednesday, May 24, 2017

don't run into extremism

The Taliban concept
It mustn't allow to spread
It seems the authority doesn't see it
It has taken its root in the civil service

The civil service is paid by the taxpayers
With it they should perform their tasks to the public
They shouldn't impose any dress code to the people
Though the Cabinet had rescinded it yet it still continues

Even in education the policy seems slanted
We read about PTAs highlighted in the press
This shouldn't have happened in our Secular Nation
We mustn't allow the Taliban concept to creep in

Leave one's religion at home
It shouldn't be used in the public
Don't condemn other faiths
Let's leave it to God who will decide

Even in politics we hear
The Taliban concept shooting arrows
The politicians always blame the women
For their sins painted in their minds!

Don't let Taliban concept cloud the mind
It is a brand for the evil doers to live in hell
It will not bring paradise or the virgin brides
It's a lie by Lucifer who wants your soul

Live in harmony
Live in peace
Share your likes and dislikes
Don't live in chaos or troubles

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