Wednesday, May 10, 2017

the green moon isn't walking the time

The green moon
You are on the wrong planet
You should stay up in the sky
Where you can say what you want

You are breeding a different religion
You only want your kind to live
In the nation of colourful people
You seem afraid to mix with them

Isn't the Rocket part of the nation?
Its leaders have every right to stay here
The green moon has forgotten about friendship
You can't work alone in the land of many colours

The people of the land
They want justice and fair distribution
With freedom of religion to share
But green moon isn't walking the time

The green moon go stay in the sky
You can play your games all day long
Nobody will care what you say or do
You aren't the only race living in this nation

When the Lord comes one day
The signs are showing He will return
The 4 horses may have come and gone
There is one piece of jigsaw puzzle to fill

The Satan rising from Europe
A nation of 10 countries
United to control the world's economy
Its politics and religion

So save your words
We are a nation of colourful people
The religions and cultures
Live with it and pray well

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