Monday, May 08, 2017

of a woman of my summer dreams

The names of the past
The pages in my mind
Some I could remember
Some I couldn't recall

There is a name jolt me out
One day when I stacked my books
Out on the rack there it is
The book she gave me

The memory came
On the hill where we met
It could be the sweet short summer
The memory hasn't faded away

Friends were envy of me
A woman as pretty as the summer mists
A soft spoken and spirited woman
A memory I couldn't put away

Joy is her name
I could see it on the supermarket shelves
How to forget when it is always there?
A name in pages of my mind

Well..she came from Victoria
The land of Oz in South Australia
The book on the shelf
With her name and address

But it was many many moons ago
Over the years nobody could recall the faces
It is only the names to put in memories
Of a woman of my summer dreams

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