Sunday, May 14, 2017

everything will not stay forever

On the stage
The bright lights shine
The leader rises his hand
Now listen to me!”

The sea of faces
The colours of red and white
With eyes of addiction
The dreaming of the wealth

There is no other way
They smell the wagon even far away
The rolling of sparkling diamonds
The lives of easy addiction

The leader says
I'll give it to you
You don't have to work
You all work for me!”

The flags rising high
The voices echo in the night
The bright lines shine
They never think of the cold sweat

When the leader falls
What will be the addiction?
Will they wake up before it is too late?
While on shaky ground nothing will hold

The cycle is complete
The turn of events will change
On the ground the red and white will learn
Everything will not stay forever

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