Monday, May 08, 2017

the frogs in the blue eye

The frogs in the blue eye
It is always the weakest link
Why it always happen?
They want to collect millions!

These representatives have no values
They will lose their dignity and their faces
For selling out for money
It makes the blue eye looks bad

The rumour running hot
It is most likely by the Bee Anne cybertroopers
Collecting their alms for the fake news
It is the day of making lies for money

The party of blue eye
It is better to call for snap election
It doesn't have to wait
Do it and see its result

Don't wait like in the Silver State
The leaders were told about it
Yet they failed to take immediate action
The frogs got the money the party lost!

Don't let it happen a second round
The party of blue eye should take heed
Get the horses ready for the battle
Call in the troops for the snap poll

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