Friday, May 12, 2017

why the big lie on its birth?

Santa isn't coming
Why the big lie of its birth?
UMNO of the old was dead in 1987
When Judge Hashim declared it illegal!

Within 24 hours Dr Mahathir registered a new
He called it UMNO Baru in the same year
He became its first president until he stepped down in 2003
Dr M had since left UMNO Baru last year

It is only 30 years celebration
It is the UMNO Baru birthday
The old UMNO had died decades ago
Why the big lie on its birth?

The leaders can speak on its values
Of the Old UMNO who once made the grade
Now it is UMNO Baru who has forgotten the old
It is the way of money politics

The core values of trust, honesty and harmony
It seems it has all gone hiding in the air
Now it is the power game of race and religion
It is the erosion which will implode once again

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