Friday, May 26, 2017

catch the big sharks

The bad police
The name of shame
It isn't something new
It is always there

The bad officers
They will face the law
They will face jail
Time they will learn

The protection rackets
The gambling dens and illegals
The easy money to exchange
Living on the expensive lane

The dishonesty will not last
It will be a short gain
Once the lid is blown away
The rain will soak it through

But Macc where are the big fishes?
The small fishes will stay
They are the easy pick
It's the big sharks in your radar

The silence in the book
When will Macc spring into it?
The big sharks are swimming free
Shouting their good fortunes
And we have to keep quiet
Let Macc do its job?
Look how it drag its feet
The sins of the nation

We are still crying!

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