Sunday, May 21, 2017

just playing a game?

The low players are always caught
Take them for parade put them in custody
The newspapers and TV news will splash it
Telling the audience what it is in store

Like this one in front page
$850k shock for a low official!
Who was caught by MACC
But it is the right headline?

The $2.6 billion in low key
Even the spending of $42 million
Though he screamed donation
But he didn't say in the first instant!

It is playing games
Afraid to offend and want to curry favours
The big whales will always go swimming
Splashing its might in the open seas

Macc when will be the big whales?
Are you still on the drawing board?
Designing a suitable fishing net?
Maybe you are afraid to fall in the ocean?

The parade of the small crooks
It will not bring the honesty pool
At best the people will say
They are just playing a game

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