Wednesday, May 10, 2017

the fat boy

The fat boy
Sailing on the high seas
Wheeling dealing as usual
Enjoying his ill-gotten wealth

The authorities can sleep long
They can pretend they don't hear his name
They can go on living like it never happens
But 1MDB scandal isn't going away

The people will scream for his skin
The fat boy can roll in the high seas
Playing his game of snake and ladders
Sipping his champagne singing his songs

He has to bring home to face the music
There is no reason the authorities keep a long silence
He is one of the main players in the scandal
As the cases in other countries had shown

The players in 1MDB can hide now
The truth will prevail in our times
Once it knocks the door the players can escape
It's no use plead innocence

The marks will not disappear
It will be there for eternity
The sins will too heavy to carrry
One day it will bring them down

Like the Humpty Dumpty falls
The pieces on the ground
Satan will laugh all the way
The fat boy what will you say?

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