Tuesday, May 09, 2017

the water of dirt

The river of debris
The water of dirt
It flows down stream
The effects will scream

The fish head rots
The body and tail will go
Slowly the dying breed
Too many sins to get away

Too much addiction
The energy to progress wasted
It will be shown on the faces
The high in the pit of darkness

The weakness in leadership
The bad elements will grow
They will push harder into play
Knowing this is the time to profit

The extremists in religion
The hidden agenda to rule
The time kicking into its circle
Hades doesn't play by the book

The circle in the air
The bad elements ring around
The pretenders will stay pious and good
Underneath there are the wolves

The water of dirt
Rushing out to the river
The rolling debris to see
A mark nobody should forget

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