Tuesday, May 23, 2017

don't let the bad rise

The weak leader
He doesn't see the bad
He makes many holes
He can't cover it all

Using religion and race
Pushing the hidden agenda
Hitting on the wrong gong
It will not make the nation great

It will make her bad
The world will laugh at her
For breeding the crooks
In the lamb skin

There is no supremacy
It is just an illusion
In the political game
Don't the nation have enough?

The bad keep pushing
They don't see the walls crack
Using religion of a race
It draws the bad line

The nation will not stand idly by
The people who live in harmony
They will not allow the bad to creep in
The peace of the nation must stand

It's the Secular Nation
This is the foundation
No bad agenda should rise
It will bring falsehood!

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