Wednesday, May 24, 2017

the cry of pain in manchester

The night of lights
The neon blinks the smiling faces
The fans marching into a concert
To soak up the atmosphere

Every religion, colour and race
They share the same interests
Flocking to the concert to watch
The singer of their choice

The chanting atmosphere
The ringing chords of music
It floats into the arena
The fans scream into the night

But the bomb of fire
The broken pieces and nails
Flying everywhere like the wind
The shouts; the scream; the crying

The pain of the injured
The struggling to get out
The human traffic jam in the concert
When a homemade bomb blasted

The 22 dead on the ground
With over 58 injured
Is this the way to solve issues?
Killing or to be killed?

There is no paradise
The evil doers will not go
In the lake of fire
The likely way to soak and scream!

The cry of pain in Manchester
Warning and warning and warning
Yet the lame exercise of it all
A bad demon makes it count

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