Sunday, July 03, 2016

the old man Q 2

The Old Man Q
Police investigated him
By the police reports made
He doesn't worry

There were 8 files opened and statements recorded
The Old Man Q isn't afraid to face his music
He is an old man now but he wanted to make it right
The woes of today could be contributed by him

The decades when he was the prime minister
He ruled it his way or highway
Now he faces his sadness of the leaders
Once he guided them now turned against him

When he has no power
The ants will go and bite
Though he will feel the pain
He has to put it right

He hasn't put out his last card
The current prime minister brings a bad name
To the nation and her people
With his scandals never going away

The Old Man Q
He crusades on with his mission
He has to put it right for the nation
He can forget about Amno baru

The party he founded and left with sadness
The present leaders aren't worth to be remembered
The Old Man Q hasn't given out his last card
Maybe when he is really cornered in his life?

The Old Man Q
Pull the plug let Bee Anne falls
Let them be recorded in history
Bringing shame to the nation

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