Monday, July 04, 2016

the zombie man

The zombie man
He is still shouting everyday
The echo can be heard so far away
The old parents just pretend

Maybe they know
They don't want to do
They let their only son
They can't take it he is mad

The zombie man
He really disturbs the peace
He has no fixed time to shout
The police don't want to catch him

In May I heard
He hit his opposite neighour
Wth his umbrella he kept at it
His father joined him to cause injuries

His father instead of pulling his son away
He hit the fallen man with his fists
The man I heard was drunk at that time
He suffered bruises on his face

The zombie man is going out of control
His mental illness will surely take over his mind
By then his old parents will realize
It will be too late for them to help their son

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