Friday, July 01, 2016

they don't feel the shame

They don't feel the shame
The contracdiction we see
There exits a 2 laws system
In a nation of many colours

The critics and opponents
They will be the punching bags
Through out the reign of Bee Anne
The open gratifications floating high

The persecutions of a selected few
The vocal ones will be napped quickly
They don't feel the shame
The hounding gallop in full swing

Somewhere in the praying room
The sins of Bee Anne will not go away
The time is running low
Yet the party seems immune

It's leaders feel no shame
In the backyard the scandals glow
The agencies seem blind to it all
The nation crying in the night

They don't feel the shame
They will give all kinds of excuses
The back door full of scandals
They aren't the opposition

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