Saturday, July 02, 2016

do the honest way

He thinks he can
Dreaming of his winning elections
Thinking the swing of voters
Though with his tainted self

He feels good
He thinks he is right
Evading issues hiding it
He controls the agencies

Now with NSC bill
The power now in his hands
He can walk with immunity
No law can reach him

But he forgets his deeds
The lies and deceptions in politics
Using monies to prop up his base
The sand castle will collapse one day

The wind of changing directions
Bad deeds will not go unpunished
The eagles fly high in the sky
Watching every trail in sight

The man who feels he is untouchable
All his horses behind him
He looks down on the valley
The steep downward ride

The thundering hooves
The dust flying high
The sound of the bursting wind
He never sees the big hole......

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