Saturday, July 02, 2016

stop barking at the back lane

There is something good
LGE has done in Penang
Some say he is a Tokong
He stands high in Komtar

He makes his marks
In the years DAP managed government
He can be the envy of Bee Anne
MCA, Gerakan and Amno baru

These leaders watch him
With binoculars and eagle eyes
Waiting for him to tumble
Then they will chain him

The Pinhorn bungalow
These leaders hounded him
They wanted him chain
Macc and AG took the bait

In court case LGE appeared
A bail of $1million set
LGE out on bail
But the hunters aren't satisfied

A donation drive was launched
Less then 24 hours the amount was achieved!
It showed Penangites love The Tokong
Sitting high in Komtar

MCA, Gerakan and Amno baru
Penang will still be managed by Pakatan Harapan
Your time is over in Penang
Now stop the barking at the back lane

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