Sunday, June 09, 2019

be the Musketeers coalition leaders

The opponents are afraid
Of the new broom in Macc
They want to stir up noises
They don't want to be investigated

The ruling partners
They speak of manifesto
Ignoring the PSC committee
Even not discuss in the Cabinet

These leaders forget
The PM has his prerogatives
It is within his authority to appoint
Even sack ministers and agency heads

Let the PM run  his show
He knows he hasn't got the time
He has to put in leaders who can do the job
Sometimes decision make can be unpopular

This is healthy
Every citizen gets to know
The  news of the candidates
Running the agencies

PKR leaders should wait in the wing
They have their time but caution to work effectively
Be the Musketeers together bring the nation high
Now let Dr M run his show; he's the doctor in the house

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