Wednesday, June 12, 2019

the ah longs

The Ah Longs
The menace still lingers on
There are markets for its survival
As banks screws up loan applications tightly

The men on the street
They will find hard to live
Borrowing from Ah Longs
They hope to ease the financial pain

But it is from the frying pan to the fire
The borrowers will find it the hard way
When they fail to pay the instalment plan
The Ah Longs aren't the friendly faces anymore

The red paint on the doors and gates
The flyers will be put up to shame the borrowers
The Ah Longs aren't afraid of the police
The Ah Longs know how to handle the officers

The new IGP will have to double up his efforts
Why Ah Longs are still playing in the field
We can see the public advertisements on display
Is the police serious about Ah Longs?

The loan sharks still swim on the land
Catching the poor victims to bleed them dry
While the fishermen still fishing in the seas
They forget the loan sharks walkin on the streets

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