Saturday, July 13, 2019

a way to survive

Assets selling
A way to survive
On the mounting debts
A country needs to stay afloat

The foreign investments
The nation has to off-load it
Getting the cash to pay debts
It isn’t easy but it has to be done

The bad management of the past
It has drawn the nation in the red
The bad crooks haven’t said they are sorry
They have no regrets of what they did

It is only through prison
They will realize their sins
The nation will not forgive
The people will not want to forget

The rule of law
It will take years to see it through
The crooks will not escape
Even if they die during the waiting

The nation has to sell assets
The debts choking her breathing space
This is one of the ways to stay afloat
We will not let the crooks escape

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