Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it never ends yet

Protests and shouting
In the name of aggression
The innocents die in the cross fire
Now who will take the blame?

Telling others to be civilized
Here we have our police think otherwise
Hitting and baton bashing episodes
Water lazed with chemicals to injure the protestors
So is the government civilized?

Other countries hit back
The terrorists’ incessant attacks
Knowing not about peaceful coexistence
They want to destabilize peace

The makers of war
Eagerly wanting it to go on
Profits can be made
On the miserable lives of the innocents
And warlords rampage through
‘In the name of protecting my turf’

Here we have protestors
Mending other countries affairs
They should pull their energy
Concentrate on the corruption
Emerging rampant in the country

The history of Palestinians and Israelis
The centuries of animosity never ends
Maybe it is God way of telling us
Know how to forgive and forget
And life must move on……

Eye for eye we all die
Living in miserable conditions
Freedom has no way to glow
So think about it
It is better to live peacefully
Enjoying God natural gifts

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