Saturday, January 13, 2018

the local artistes owing ah longs

The local artistes in debts
It isn't something new
It always happens when one lives beyond earnings
Putting up public image of glamour and styles
What's the use when they are in financial troubles?
It is better to structure their lives live like normal people
They don't have to advertise to the public eyes
It is better to be poor than owing Ah Longs
The constant harassment will not end
It's the nature of Ah Longs
They want to make life impossible to live
When debts aren't paid or settled in time
The nightmares will begin in their lives
As Ah Longs will be brutal to collect monies owed
The bad thugs will come knocking
The threats will be severe
The thugs aren't gentlemen
They want to get their commissions
They want their jobs done quickly
Maybe local artistes should step forward
Explain their predicament
Maybe the fans will chip in to help
Instead of owing Ah Longs
The constant bush fires
When debts aren't settled
The red paint and the knocks
The local artistes should change
How they want to live their lives

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