Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the dark knight

DarkRider.jpg Dark image by and4vlad

By and4vlad

The dark knight in the woods
Black cloth covering from head to toe
Galloping on his horse of moon light shine
Breathing fire words of lies bewitching eyes

Under the full moon
Darkness seems bright
On the horseback riding by
Thundering hooves vibrating souls

The old trunks wake up
Branching out to salute
“Oh Lord welcome the night
Let the nightmares begin!”

The roar in the woods
The laughter echo deep in the valley
Houses quickly close at night
Shivering in fear sleep escaping night

The horse galloping
The whirring wind rustling along
On branches and leaves
“Don't hide from me!”

The dark knight reaches the valley
The silence greeting him alone
The horse galloping slowly
Breathing the smell of human fear

“Listen to me!
I am lord of this land
I take what I want
You have no choice but to obey!”

The wooden walls of holes
The people peep eyes wide in fear
The dark knight galloping by
The people pray hoping for light

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