Monday, December 10, 2012

in the dark quiet spot

Close proximity
In a dark lonely spot
A couple in the car
A couple in the park

What are they doing?
Sex in the process?
If a couple wants to talk
Don't choose a dark quiet spot

When summons are issued
By the preying eyes of the enforcement officers
The non-Muslims start to cry foul
They aren't doing anything illegal

In any religion
The world has seen
There are rules of God
It is there for all to see

Pas Kelantan
The leaders should learn
When you say hudud laws
For Muslims only..

Don't let your little napoleons
Doing the bits of their own
You better chain them
Teach them the lessons

For the non-Muslims
They should go back study their religions
Learn the pitfalls narrated in the scriptures
You are there to commit sins

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