Sunday, May 29, 2016

the curry chicken

The curry chicken
The rising hot in the pot
The fire burning hot
The bubbling sound
The saliva flow of aroma
The smell makes the day

The curry chicken
The many spices blended in
The curry leaves and coconut milk
Cut tomatoes and potatoes
In mixture in a pot
It tells of unity the smell of aroma
It never fail to make you hungry

Alone by itself
There is nothing to shout
There is no taste
There is no colour to see
It looks all in disunity
The spices, the mixtures and meat
It is only in unity the aroma makes the whole

Here is the story
The country divided
The scandals hide it
The leaders like the money wagon
Forgetting about honesty and accountability
The lies will make the sin high
The reason for its fall
The smell is bad in the air
We don't get the aroma
We get the sickness of lies and deceit
We better change pot of ingredients
Before we all go hungry
The curry chicken it tastes good
If it is blended and cooked well

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