Monday, May 30, 2016

the lies run

The lies run
Along the block of walls
Write it on
It never will go away

The leaders who speak
They think the people are fools
Listening and believing every word
If only they hear their own words

Look into the mirror
See what your expression is
The words of sin will hook you up
In the thundering claps of crying

The runners for money
Days and nights they will say
Polishing the walls to light
The words of lies

They forget about sins
They think they can go to paradise
Dreaming about the virgin girls
It is better they repent and seek the light

Today they can escape
Since they sit on the power
The day will come they will face the music
The Bamboo River will sing to them

What goes up has to come down
It is the basic principle of gravity
Today you can escape sitting on the power
Tomorrow the sins will take you to hell

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