Monday, May 30, 2016

the divide and rule

Pas will say
It isn't about hudud
But do the Non-Muslims believe it?
Pas just wants a small step
When a brick is laid
The future will take hold
The craze of hudud will begin
It is in its DNA

As long as Malaysia is a Secular Nation
Hudud law shouldn't be introduced
This nation has her colourful people and cultures
Everyone is involved like it or not
It isn't about affecting the Islamic faith
It isn't about Non-Muslims should not get involved
It is about our Constitution
No law passes should ignore our Supreme Law

Pas sings its support for Amno baru
Knowing it needs the latter support
With it Pas can fly to the moon
It can ignore the shouting of other faiths
Pas needs just one step to climb the ladder
The rest they say will be history in the making

The moderation is key to all humans
You can't go excessively overboard
God gives us the brains to think and plan
And reason to find the best way to live
Those laws were for those times ago
Even Muslim countries practising it
The crimes, lies, cheat, bad mouthing,
Murders, robberies, thieving, rape
It hasn't stopped the reduction of crimes
There is no real improvement to live peacefully
There is still the warring side in ourselves

Religion and laws
It is a private matter
Between the believer and God
It shouldn't be passed as a law
A country shouldn't have 2 sets of law!

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