Sunday, May 29, 2016

history tells us why

History tells us why
The reasons for the fall
Of any dictator or empire
When corruption, greed and lies rule
It will fall flat on the ground
And a new one will change
And a new party will make the difference
Of history many leaders will forget

Here we have seen or read
The divide and rule and unfairly parade
The double standard rule by the police
Even seditious elements involving the ruling regime
The police always forget to run into them
They will say there is no police report
They will say to prolong the agony of the public
When the police wants to nail a person in the opposition
They will gallop like the wind; there is no wait and see
Even the police will make own reports to stick the case

A small case on the opposition
Involving a pittance they will go out to nail him
They will try every way to find a fault
Just to show to their political master
They have the guts to twist it around
But the billions involving the ruling elite
The police never go and find out why
They are quiet pretending to wait
Though police reports filed in
The slow walk in the park
Even studying PAC report
It takes the police so long

Don't forget the lies
The ruling elites keep dishing in the open
They know it is but for the cash wagon rolling
The thundering claps in the sky
Cash is king so the singing ring
Where will the country be?
The light is slowly dimmed
Don't let the darkness rule
It will be a day we wish not to see

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