Sunday, September 11, 2016

bee anne stop dreaming

Bee Anne stop dreaming
Penang will not fall back to you
You had your chances with her
For decades you never treated her well
Now you want her to give you another chance?
You must be thick skinned face
You had made her suffer decades ago
Penang now under Pakatan seems to stay awake
Things are moving nicely in Penang
There will more chances now
Penang will prosper maybe like Singapore
Into the battle of financial hub and hospitality
Every Penangite will have a better living
Though now there seems to be some chaos
On areas of developments on the island
But Bee Anne don't try to muscle in
It is for the developments in the state

Bee Anne is trying
Penang has divorced you long ago
You don't have to try
You better plug in your sinking boat
You are on your way out
You have to fall to learn
You have grown fat and clumsy
Like Humpty Dumpty sits on the wall
Once you fall the pieces will be our souvenirs

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