Thursday, September 22, 2016

the winners afraid of losing

The winners afraid of losing
They won many times before
Through underhand tactics
Thinking the people are fools

Throwing crumbs here
Giving alms there
Everything will follow
The old pattern as before

In the middle the winners plundered
The wealth of the nation with impunity
The agencies working on one eye close
Living in the race of supremacy

This race making the wrong wave
It forgets we are a nation of many colours
Every one has the right to the cake
With potholes hammered the way

Even now drawing the lines
They want to feel the right with it
The people have awakened of the bad
The history is going to fall for the nation

The winners better wake up now
You have your time for decades
It is time you take a swim in the river
Feel the bad what you have done

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