Saturday, September 17, 2016

don't try to change a secular nation

The bad things you do
You don't believe what you say
You don't believe the right and wrong
You want to stay popular

The wind blowing every direction
You want to stay in every way
If you feel that way in your mind
Why still talk about rigid Islamic law?

Is it not man made law?
Camouflage in the religious text?
Promoting a brand shifting away from God?
Once you did wrong a record will be written

No matter how you try to escape
Praying many times will not salvage your soul
You don't repent knowing what is wrong
You want to stay popular

We live in a secular nation
Don't try to change it
Once you try to do
The sin will take your soul

This is the test of faith
Once you don't understand
Praying many times will not save your soul
You live in a secular nation, don't try to change

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