Friday, September 23, 2016

the wolves in the open field

The wolves run in pack
Across the field to attack
The green light has been given
Take no victims to the den

The wolves howling in pursuit
Jumping over fences and snatch victims
The wolves will show their sharp fangs
Dripping of saliva hungry of the flesh

This pack of wolves
They don't wait for the full moon
They only wait for the cash
Packed it in and they will go

The victims will cry
The unfairness of their persecution
It is only to satisfy their master
The dark lord sitting in castle high

The opponents know the score
They better band together to strike back
It is no use fighting in different ground
It will never work to hit the high

Now the pack of wolves
Howling in the open field
They sell their souls to the dark lord
It is a pity and sad they forget about good deeds

When the time arrives to go
The lake of fire will claim their souls
The Devil will smile
The sins of the humans who forget

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