Wednesday, September 14, 2016

the anthem of falling

The day of the fall
It is obvious it will happen
The crooks can say all nicely
The anthem of falling is written

It is the tail end of the political party's life
It has been written decades ago
The implosion in the new Amno is real
The prophecy must come to pass

The scandals one after another
It's the evil way reigning in the corridor
Belittling the common people
Cooking up lies to cover the tracks

The equal partnership isn't there
One party calling all the shots
Leaving the coalition partners in limbo
Without a say but receiving crumbs

The truth is nobody is happy
The enjoyment must be share equally
But it never happens in the coalition
They share the bad and scandals

MCA war of words with new Amno
MIC told to stay quiet in the background
The other parties stand and look
Nobody dares to join the war of words wagon

The fall is imminent
The anthem of falling is written long ago
The crooks can say nicely
The prophecy must come to pass

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