Thursday, May 17, 2018

crimes do not pay

Crimes do not pay
In the long run the cage will close in
A person can run and hide
In the end the long arm of the law
Knocking a person down and out
Sometimes power play will delay it
For a time a person will forget
Maybe crimes do pay
If only he looks in the mirror
The shadow will keep waving
Crimes do not pay
Only fools will believe they can

The hangers on will say
All the nice words to stay
All the riches they eye on it
Let a share flow into palms
Quickly grab it and disappear
Before somebody sees
The hand tricks for the eyes

The disappearing act
It will not last long
Once a crime has been committed
The police will knock on doors
The officers will want information
Every bit to solve a crime
The hangers on must understand
Crimes will have its consequences

Though power can delay
The investigations for a while
Once the person falls from grace
All the cans of worms will start crawling
Leaving a bad image and shame
Even the family's name and honor
For crimes will hit on the family
Like it or not it will stay
So stay away from crimes

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