Friday, August 10, 2018

utusan on the way out

Utusan on the decline
The profits aren’t coming its way
The company is looking at a bad shape
There is no way but decline

Now Utusan reports its loans default
The company tries to rearrange its loan payments
The time the newspapers come face to face
The truth of its publication through the decades

It is always going on race and religion
Belittling the other races and faith
Sometimes publishing bad faith news
Its forgets to watch its back door

The people want Utusan to be buried
It will help the nation to progress
The country doesn’t need Utusan
Spinning its tales of bad reporting

One way to save Utusan
It has to be controlled by the people
It shouldn’t be in the hand of a political party
If Utusan really wants to survive

Nobody will cry
Maybe Amno baru
But then this party will go
Like Utusan on the way out

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