Tuesday, March 07, 2017

dignity and pride

Dignity and pride
It make us fall easily
When we forget on compassion
When we forget on patience

We want our dignity
We want our pride
In the end what we will see?
The parade of childish play

I throw marbles at you
You throw shoes at me
You call me names
I call you stupid

Now the diplomatic row
It has deepened the insult
The 40 years in relations
It has come to nothing?

Bad luck Bee Anne
It's time to pack up and go
You don't have the muscles
You don't talk to a mad man

Don't push your luck
The good vibes aren't there
The rogue dictator may shoot at us
This isn't funny anymore

Give a little leeway
It saves us the hiccups
Because of dignity and pride
The friendship has gone astray

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