Monday, March 13, 2017

the local mackerels

The local mackerels
They are caught in the net
Some may have titled
The cheats and dodgers of income tax

Why always the irrelevant ones?
The big elephant in the room
Don't Macc officials see it at all?
Maybe they are blinded by the golden lights

The flooding of small and medium sizes
Letting the big sharks swimming away
It is better to get the biggest crooks
It will make the small ones crumble

The priority on the biggest sharks
They can't be allowed to go scotch free
No matter how many small fries cooked
The bad will keep rising

It is the big crooks
Once they are taken in
The cards will fall
The walls will crack wide open

But we will not see it
The agencies have been compromised
It has to take a change of government
For the truth will finally be free

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