Tuesday, March 07, 2017

the garden is silent

Once I heard the humming birds
Every morning and evening
In the garden I could sit and watch
The small birds hopping around

Now the trees were gone
A new home was erected on the land
The birds had no place to find food
No more nests on the bamboo trees

Though the strays cats would watch
Every opportunity to grab the small birds
One claw hit the humming birds would die
The stray cats would eat it all

Across the river
Most of the surrounding trees were gone
The new bus station and shoplots will be built
The birds had no place to rest and hunt for food

Even the bird lovers had gone
They built a place to rest and watch birds
The men all had disappeared
Maybe they have found a new place

The garden is silent
The natural chirping has disappeared
Maybe one day the birds may return
When developments have done

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